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Service Dog


Are you in need of a service dog?  Do you have a dog that you would like trained to become a service dog?  I can help with you your service dog needs

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I offer a variety of training programs to fit your budget and schedule.  I am not a certified nor am I a professional trainer.  However, I have studied training dogs for a few years and I have successfully trained my German Shepard.

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Because I recently decided to take the training to a new level and offer services commercially, I do not have any stories to share at this time but please stay tuned as I will be updating this section frequently.  I am currently in the process of training a couple of dogs and I will share their stories upon graduation.

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Canine Training can help

Services Include:


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Cost, Availability & Success

When you sign up for my training programs, you pay for six weeks of classes with each session being approximately one hour.  At the conclusion of each session I will provide you with a progression report.  This report will demonstrate the effectiveness of the training session so you can see for yourself how effective I can be.



My name is Glen Hoehn and I have studied how to train dogs due to my needing a service dog of my own

I have a strong passion for training dogs without charging the huge fees most private training companies charge.  I could not afford to pay the rate for private training so I studied how to train on my own years before I got my own dog to begin training.  I have successfully trained my German Shepard who is still going through training.  My Shepard is being trained for PTSD & Hearing in addition to all obedience courses.

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